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The mission of an outstanding caterer

In order to satisfy the specific needs of its customers and in that way contribute to the success of their events and special occasions, whether weddings, funerals, family reunions, business dinners, conferences and many more. La Cuisine Volante is known for its delicious world class regional cuisine and for the exceptional service and superior quality which it consistently provides.

La Cusine Volante history

Let us make your event a real success!

La Cuisine Volante was founded in 1974. At first, the meals were prepared in the basement of the family home. At that time, Roger Lamarche, an Algonquin College graduate chef, was his catering service’s own chef, working with the help of various employees. He served meals for banquets, associations, special occasions, social activities, weddings, family reunions, funerals, political meetings and many other events.

La Cuisine Volante became a renowned caterer thanks to its excellent service, fine cuisine and more than abundant quantities .

The name was chosen due to the fact that the kitchen was mobile. In effect, this catering service was based in and delivered from a converted school bus equipped with everything required to preserve the freshness of the meals and deliver them to their destination. In addition, customers delighted by the rapid service commented that “These guys really fly!” Roger Lamarche, renowned chef and company founder, inspired by this expression, adopted its French version and franchised the name La Cuisine Volante in order to ensure the authenticity of the business. In 1976, after two years of operation, the owner, seeing the growth of the business, decided to build a permanent, well equipped kitchen.

Business continued until 1982 when Roger decided to purchase the former CO-OP situated in front of the village church and converted the building into a bakery and pastry shop. He then bought the property and the house he had grown up in as well as his father’s dairy.

In 1984, he added a fruit and vegetable store to the existing establishment. In the mean time, the catering business continued to prosper. A chef, an assistant chef and six helpers were employed full-time. Some weekends, the business a hundred-odd people from the surrounding area to serve several hundred guests. His greatest exploit was certainly having served some 8 000 people in a single weekend, all to the complete satisfaction of his clients.

It was in 1988 that Roger decided to transform the village bakery / pastry shop into a small restaurant. « Le Café de France » offered very reasonably priced healthy meals indoors or on the terrace. Later he restructured his three businesses and « Le Cafe» became La Cuisine Volante’s administrative offices. Roger continued to operate the « Marché d’Alfred » fruit and vegetable store for a while and finally moved his catering business into this village establishment. Over the years, he was able to pass on his passion for refined tastes and attention to detail to his family and his employees. This noteworthy chef innovated in his field by developing the capacity of the business to provide a level of service unequalled in the trade. La Cuisine Volante is the revolutionary vision of Roger Lamarche, uniquely gifted in the culinary arts, whose dream grew from his personal cuisine to a solidly established large scale business.

A new wind is blowing in the wonderful world of caterering

La Cuisine Volante takes pleasure in intoducing its new owner Mr. James Morris. A young businessman from the Prescott-Russell area, James is honoured to be able to carry on the work of his predecessor Mr. Roger Lamarche who so ably built and established his business for over 30 successful years. Throughout his career this experienced young entrepreneur has built up a solid reputation as a businessman committed to customer service.

With over 10 years experience, James has developed a professional relationship with all his customers as well as the businessmen with whom he is in touch. Going from the life of a farmer on the family farm to the construction business, automobile sales and waiter / supervisor in the restaurant trade, both private and franchised, James always knew how to please his clients 100%. Very much a people person, James will take pleasure in offering impeccable, personalized service to everyone wishing to use La Cuisine Volante’s catering service.

People have confidence in him and he always keeps his promises. With the variety of training and certificates received which include Dale Carnegie professional training, Business administration at Ottawa’s Cité Collégiale and Public relations at a private institution, James has all the tools and experience to make your event an outright success. Give James and his expertise a chance to satisfy everyone’s needs and amaze you at your event.

A caterer with a great deal of experience

Over the years, our catering service is very proud of having served many gastronomical suppers. Among others, La Cuisine Volante has had the honour of serving the Honorable Jean Chrétien, Sheila Copps, Paul Martin, , Bernard Grandmaître, Jean-Robert Gauthier, Capitaine Harvey of the Jacques Cartier cruise ships, a number of ministers, Guy Lafleur, Ken Dryden, Bobby Hull, Robert Charlebois, Jean-François Breau and artists from the Festival Franco-Ontarien in Ottawa.

La Cuisine Volante has also had the pleasure of serving major events such as the Federal Liberal Association’s Feuille Rouge suppers, the Prescott-Russell Excellence Awards, the Queen’s birthday celebrations, the Inter-University Commerce Games, Federal Liberal MP’s Christmas dinners, Mr. Pierre Lemieux’s Valentine’s Day invitations to his fellow citizens as well as Patrice L’Écuyer and all the production crew of Radio Canada’s show “La Petite Séduction” during their stay in Alfred in May 2008, and also many other professionals from surrounding communities. In addition, our company is delighted to have been chosen as the official caterer for the International Highland Games in Maxville, Ontario.